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Disaster Recovery Services in Burbank

All businesses require efficient backup and restoration to keep operations intact. Computer Up offers disaster recovery services for clients in Burbank and the surrounding areas. When a hard drive crashes, files and data that haven’t been saved or stored on a local platform or cloud drive are at risk of being lost. It can take days to backup and restore lost information. We specialize in restoring data at a fraction of that time. We will bring your machine back to working condition in under an hour.

Our team offers business continuity solutions from disaster recovery and full image cloud backup. We offer reliable storage solutions for servers by augmenting your network to accommodate large backups and archived documents or media. In addition, we overnight hard drives to you at no additional cost.

Why You Should Choose Us for Business Continuity

Computer Up understands the significant role that business continuity plays in the overall production of an office. Your data and information require a system that will adapt and resolve all issues, as well as secure your computer with the best business continuity solution. By first integrating a recovery system able to retrieve damaged or lost sensitive data and files, and then monitoring and testing your backups on a periodic basis to ensure reliability—we prevent future problems. Don’t let your services be on hold because of missing data and files.

Let us be your first choice in back-up recovery. Contact us today.