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Monday 24 Jul 2017
YOU ARE HERE: Home Keith's Blog Introduction to AVG CloudCare
Introduction to AVG CloudCare
Friday, 24 June 2016 23:30

AVG CloudCare combines effective anti-virus systems with better management and central control, to ensure proper virus updates and scanning. AVG’s entire system can be centrally controlled either from within the organization or remotely; providing you with helpful services in the event that problems arise. The software updates viruses and scanning systems whenever it has new updates available and is easily accessible through the web.

Call us at (818) 995-3701 to help get you started on AVG CloudCare and learn more about how to keep your computer safe.

A large percentage of offices have anti-virus programs that may not even be scanning and that have obsolete virus definitions. There are various anti-virus programs that don’t perform full scans of your computer which can be risky for offices and companies that store confidential data and files on their computers. When using outdated anti-virus programs, the software may not even be conducting adequate scans for viruses and malware. New viruses are always developing and becoming more prevalent so it’s important to have an updated anti-virus program which can detect and tackle new viruses.

Who has time to run around to 10 or more computers to try to keep them up to date? Some organization simply fail to keep their anti-virus programs updated because reinstalling and updating on a single computer is easy but running around to 10 or 20 computers might just seem too overwhelming. In the midst of all the day-to-day operations, this might seem too much and some organizations cannot afford to spend time on installations and updates. AVG CloudCare effectively updates the anti-virus programs on all computers.

We offer AVG CloudCare, a web-based system allowing you to centrally monitor and control your systems from one screen, from policy-based anti-virus updates and scans to integrated remote access. We are experts at helping organizations set up or update their anti-virus programs to AVG CloudCare, so that they can centrally manage and control all the anti-virus features on their computers from a single, central computer. Companies can rest assured that their systems are well protected and free from future viruses.

We give this all to you at an extremely cost-effective price of less than $2 per machine per month, with no more expiring license key hassles. Anti-virus programs can often overrun your budget but at ComputerUp, we can provide you all these advanced anti-virus features at an exceptionally low cost. With monthly rates, there’s no need to worry about your anti-virus program expiring and for a low monthly fee, you can be confident that your business will run smoothly.