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Monday 24 Jul 2017
YOU ARE HERE: Home Keith's Blog Setting up wireless internet for larger properties
Setting up wireless internet for larger properties
Friday, 17 June 2016 17:39

That wireless router you got from your Internet provider may not be effectively handling your home or business. Wireless products should be carefully selected as certain specifications need to be considered prior to installing a router. The size of the facility and the materials used in its construction, as well as the degree of internet usage are two important components when selecting a router. When these factors are not accounted for, you may experience problems at times with your wireless router, regarding signal coverage and interruptions in downloads.

Give us a call at (818) 995-3701 to install high-speed wireless internet for your home or business.

You should be able to have a seamless wireless experience throughout your facility. Any hindrances in the internet can adversely affect your business and productivity. Wireless internet should be faultless, and it should enable you to connect to the internet through any of your devices from all areas of your facility.

Your wireless access point may only be delivering a fraction of the Internet speed for which you're paying. Ever wondered why that download is so excruciatingly slow? Or why the simplest of websites take ages to load? The answer lies in your access point. Although you might have lightning fast internet, it is of no use if your wireless access point is not suitable for your facility. So, even when paying top dollars for the internet, you might be getting just the fraction of the internet speed you signed up for!

We are networking experts, and know how to get around the limitations and issues of typical wireless setups to give you the internal and Internet speed you expect. We are experts at networking and internet solutions, and we are well equipped with ways to get around restrictions/problems which limit your internet speed. A large number of wireless internet users face similar problems when they notice that they are not getting the speed they are paying for, however, with our set of skills, we can effectively install a network which will deliver the best performance.

We have successfully installed solid wired and wireless networks in historic and "difficult" buildings around Los Angeles for over 20 years. No matter how big or small your facility is, we can help you set up a network that can ensure effective performance and zero downtime. Find that your ChromeCast is not working? It’s probably due to your wireless access point. We are skilled at strategically installing and re-configuring your wireless router so ChromeCast works seamlessly and is accessible throughout your house or office.