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Monday 24 Jul 2017
YOU ARE HERE: Home Keith's Blog Update your server every 5 years
Update your server every 5 years
Monday, 06 June 2016 13:28

How long has your current business server been sitting there? A server is not just your regular computer; it is engineered to store, manage, and control your data 24/7. Many organizations may overlook the fact that their server is well over 5 years. While it may continue to have the same performance--with just a few tolerable lags every now and then--it’s highly advised that you consider replacing or upgrading your server every 5 years.

You can join our newsletter to learn more about our custom-built servers or give us a call at (818) 995– 3701 to help transfer your current server over to a new one.

Servers have a high rate of failure after 5 years, often with parts that are obsolete and no longer available. A slow working server can affect the productivity of your workforce. It has been observed that servers tend to decrease in speed and the frequency of “seize-ups” increase over a span of 5 years on average. This is often due to old parts that have been used extensively. Updating servers every 3-5 years ensures that the hardware is not outdated and is still being produced.

Letting your server languish without updating it for more than 5 years subjects it to significant security holes as support gets dropped for old versions of the operating system. Noticing extra lags and poor performance in your server after 4 or 5 years? Your entire system, including the confidential files within it, are more prone to being violated as there may no longer be support for the operating systems installed on your server. This can increase the probability of a breach by those with malicious intent and can be a liability for many businesses.

We provide custom-built servers with non-proprietary components so that you won't ever be stuck with a useless "white elephant." When it comes to a server, even the most tech perceptive people find themselves baffled with the variety of options present in the market. We eliminate that confusion by providing organizations with servers that are designed using non-proprietary components specifically designed to fulfill the needs of your business. This enables us to ensure that you will have accessible hardware at your office that suits your business’s needs.

We are experts in seamlessly migrating your Windows server over to a new system so that your users don’t even feel a bump. User accounts, passwords and security settings remain constant. What could be better than upgrading your server and not even feeling any hindrance because of it? We have been helping organizations upgrade their Windows servers for many years and we are experts at ensuring that the transfer runs smoothly. With keeping the users' previous usernames and passwords intact, the transition is simple and effortless for everyone involved.