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Monday 24 Jul 2017
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Keith's Blog
Introduction to AVG CloudCare
Friday, 24 June 2016 23:30

AVG CloudCare combines effective anti-virus systems with better management and central control, to ensure proper virus updates and scanning. AVG’s entire system can be centrally controlled either from within the organization or remotely; providing you with helpful services in the event that problems arise. The software updates viruses and scanning systems whenever it has new updates available and is easily accessible through the web.

Call us at (818) 995-3701 to help get you started on AVG CloudCare and learn more about how to keep your computer safe.

A large percentage of offices have anti-virus programs that may not even be scanning and that have obsolete virus definitions. There are various anti-virus programs that don’t perform full scans of your computer which can be risky for offices and companies that store confidential data and files on their computers. When using outdated anti-virus programs, the software may not even be conducting adequate scans for viruses and malware. New viruses are always developing and becoming more prevalent so it’s important to have an updated anti-virus program which can detect and tackle new viruses.

Who has time to run around to 10 or more computers to try to keep them up to date? Some organization simply fail to keep their anti-virus programs updated because reinstalling and updating on a single computer is easy but running around to 10 or 20 computers might just seem too overwhelming. In the midst of all the day-to-day operations, this might seem too much and some organizations cannot afford to spend time on installations and updates. AVG CloudCare effectively updates the anti-virus programs on all computers.

We offer AVG CloudCare, a web-based system allowing you to centrally monitor and control your systems from one screen, from policy-based anti-virus updates and scans to integrated remote access. We are experts at helping organizations set up or update their anti-virus programs to AVG CloudCare, so that they can centrally manage and control all the anti-virus features on their computers from a single, central computer. Companies can rest assured that their systems are well protected and free from future viruses.

We give this all to you at an extremely cost-effective price of less than $2 per machine per month, with no more expiring license key hassles. Anti-virus programs can often overrun your budget but at ComputerUp, we can provide you all these advanced anti-virus features at an exceptionally low cost. With monthly rates, there’s no need to worry about your anti-virus program expiring and for a low monthly fee, you can be confident that your business will run smoothly.

Setting up wireless internet for larger properties
Friday, 17 June 2016 17:39

That wireless router you got from your Internet provider may not be effectively handling your home or business. Wireless products should be carefully selected as certain specifications need to be considered prior to installing a router. The size of the facility and the materials used in its construction, as well as the degree of internet usage are two important components when selecting a router. When these factors are not accounted for, you may experience problems at times with your wireless router, regarding signal coverage and interruptions in downloads.

Give us a call at (818) 995-3701 to install high-speed wireless internet for your home or business.

You should be able to have a seamless wireless experience throughout your facility. Any hindrances in the internet can adversely affect your business and productivity. Wireless internet should be faultless, and it should enable you to connect to the internet through any of your devices from all areas of your facility.

Your wireless access point may only be delivering a fraction of the Internet speed for which you're paying. Ever wondered why that download is so excruciatingly slow? Or why the simplest of websites take ages to load? The answer lies in your access point. Although you might have lightning fast internet, it is of no use if your wireless access point is not suitable for your facility. So, even when paying top dollars for the internet, you might be getting just the fraction of the internet speed you signed up for!

We are networking experts, and know how to get around the limitations and issues of typical wireless setups to give you the internal and Internet speed you expect. We are experts at networking and internet solutions, and we are well equipped with ways to get around restrictions/problems which limit your internet speed. A large number of wireless internet users face similar problems when they notice that they are not getting the speed they are paying for, however, with our set of skills, we can effectively install a network which will deliver the best performance.

We have successfully installed solid wired and wireless networks in historic and "difficult" buildings around Los Angeles for over 20 years. No matter how big or small your facility is, we can help you set up a network that can ensure effective performance and zero downtime. Find that your ChromeCast is not working? It’s probably due to your wireless access point. We are skilled at strategically installing and re-configuring your wireless router so ChromeCast works seamlessly and is accessible throughout your house or office.

The importance of up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software.
Friday, 10 June 2016 14:13

Antivirus and antispyware software protects you from having your data and passwords stolen. The data on your computer is may be vulnerable to attacks; all your personal information like your address, your credit card details, emails, and Facebook passwords can easily be violated in the absence of adequate protection. If you don’t use both anti-virus and anti-spyware software, you risk putting your data out in the open for others to access and use.

You can join our newsletter to learn more about ways you can protect your computer from theft or you can call us at (818) 995 – 3701 if you are looking for step-by-step instructions to set up a complete anti-malware software solution software for your computer.

Theft of passwords and personal information can lead to identity theft and potential harm to your clients. Why do organizations and tech-savvy people worry so much about antivirus protection? When using the Internet, especially WiFi, hackers may be able to access your computer. And they don’t need to do it directly - visiting the wrong website, or downloading the wrong attachment, can install a virus on your system. What can a virus do? A virus could send the hacker your personal information, allow them to hijack your email and social media accounts, or even give them complete control over your system. In short, if you don’t use an antivirus for your personal computer or your entire network, neither you, nor the people you deal with are safe.

Being denied access to your own systems for just a single day may cause you to lose business. When your computer is hacked or your information is violated, there is a lot that can happen. From harassing your clients, to stealing your identity, a hacker can even restrict your access to your own network. Just being denied access for a single day can cause you to lose thousands of dollars of business and this one day can hinder your growth and productivity for months.

Malware can also cause significant slowdowns and security threats. Malware programs often hijack your browser’s home page and search function, flooding your system with everything from unwanted ads to fake “registry cleaners” and “performance optimizers”. Far from helping, these “free” tools actually compromise your system even more!

We are experts at malware detection and removal, using professional experience and techniques to remove pesky infections that get around your current antivirus. Having spent a substantial amount of time protecting organizational networks and information, we have the right set of professional skills to remove annoying viruses, which find their way around your current antivirus.

We offer many services, including AVG CloudCare, an advanced antivirus and identity protection system that allows you to monitor, control, and protect your entire organization from one web-based central management screen. AVG CloudCare provides you real time updates on the presence of sneaky viruses and any attempts made to violate your network. This way you can ensure that there is an advanced antivirus protecting your network, consequently minimizing chances of identity theft and other mishaps.

Update your server every 5 years
Monday, 06 June 2016 13:28

How long has your current business server been sitting there? A server is not just your regular computer; it is engineered to store, manage, and control your data 24/7. Many organizations may overlook the fact that their server is well over 5 years. While it may continue to have the same performance--with just a few tolerable lags every now and then--it’s highly advised that you consider replacing or upgrading your server every 5 years.

You can join our newsletter to learn more about our custom-built servers or give us a call at (818) 995– 3701 to help transfer your current server over to a new one.

Servers have a high rate of failure after 5 years, often with parts that are obsolete and no longer available. A slow working server can affect the productivity of your workforce. It has been observed that servers tend to decrease in speed and the frequency of “seize-ups” increase over a span of 5 years on average. This is often due to old parts that have been used extensively. Updating servers every 3-5 years ensures that the hardware is not outdated and is still being produced.

Letting your server languish without updating it for more than 5 years subjects it to significant security holes as support gets dropped for old versions of the operating system. Noticing extra lags and poor performance in your server after 4 or 5 years? Your entire system, including the confidential files within it, are more prone to being violated as there may no longer be support for the operating systems installed on your server. This can increase the probability of a breach by those with malicious intent and can be a liability for many businesses.

We provide custom-built servers with non-proprietary components so that you won't ever be stuck with a useless "white elephant." When it comes to a server, even the most tech perceptive people find themselves baffled with the variety of options present in the market. We eliminate that confusion by providing organizations with servers that are designed using non-proprietary components specifically designed to fulfill the needs of your business. This enables us to ensure that you will have accessible hardware at your office that suits your business’s needs.

We are experts in seamlessly migrating your Windows server over to a new system so that your users don’t even feel a bump. User accounts, passwords and security settings remain constant. What could be better than upgrading your server and not even feeling any hindrance because of it? We have been helping organizations upgrade their Windows servers for many years and we are experts at ensuring that the transfer runs smoothly. With keeping the users' previous usernames and passwords intact, the transition is simple and effortless for everyone involved.

Transferring data to your new hard-drive
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 13:14

Is your hard drive failing or just too small? Hard drives don’t provide endless storage and can quickly fill up as documents, media and software accumulate on your system. Eventually, you may realize that your hard drive is gradually filling up, at which point you’ll be required to purchase a new one or delete data from your current one in order to allow room for new files.

You can join our newsletter to equip yourself with ways you can protect your data on your computer, or you can simply give us a call at (818) 995-3701 to help transfer your files on to a new hard drive!

It's a hassle (or an impossibility) for most people to migrate a whole system to a new hard drive. Most computer users aren’t familiar with the process of transferring their data to a whole new hard drive. It may seem too overwhelming in the midst of routine computer usage. Others might be hesitant to transfer their own files to a new hard drive as improper transferring can result in important data and settings being lost.

The consequences of NOT moving to a new hard drive can be fatal to a company, as even the best of drives will fail (or become full). Imagine you are managing an organization and your operations largely depend on computer usage. In such a condition, not moving to a new hard drive can be problematic. A day lost means lower revenues and not to mention, unhappy clients. All this can happen due to limited storage or hard drive failure. Companies, therefore, should transfer their files to a new hard drive for the sake of preserving important records and data.

We have over 20 years of expertise in migrating entire systems and hard drives to new ones. We specialize in transferring all your data, including the software and the settings to a completely new system in no time. Use your computer with a peace of mind that all your old data and settings are restored to how they were before while also having additional storage space.

We can do this at your office or home so your personal and confidential data never leaves your presence. Whether it is your office or home, we will be more than happy to help you out with both of your systems. This will also eliminate any fear you may have of letting your confidential data leave your presence as all of the transferring will be done right in front of you!

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